Core Values

    Creativity with a goal in mind requires active, curious minds. Ideas are not only encouraged at MSC, they are expected from each and every member of the MSC team – because our intention is not role-specific. We must confidently accept and embrace the inherent risks of always striving to invent something new or different regardless of what role we play.
    With the obligation of creative intention comes the responsibility of being mature – particularly in the pursuit of creative solutions. MSC is about delivering the best ideas. We must recognize that not every idea is a good one. Therefore, we must be emotionally intelligent in pursuit of our craft, recognizing that most ideas fail. But we cannot let our failed ideas define us or our interactions. It is our successes that will illuminate our true greatness.
    Collaboration requires a special level of trust that is a result of honesty and genuine respect. These are things we must continually foster through candid conversation and empathetic behavior towards one another. These elements of collaboration form the foundation on which we can build a positive and fulfilling working environment for ourselves, our clients and our partners. Collaboration requires dialogue – rather than argumentation – that demands openness to each other’s perspectives while we confidently advocate for our own ideas. This give and take – based on trust – is the essence of true teamwork and where the magic lives in what we do.
    Perfection is an illusion. We must strive for excellence in every aspect of our individual roles. Mastery of our individual core responsibilities is critical to our success and required before we can invest in innovating beyond the basic aspects of our daily responsibilities. Each of us has a job to do. We must do that well before transcending.
    There is perhaps no more important determinant to a healthy culture and successful business than maintaining a spirit of positivity. Positivity inspires action and creativity. Negativity kills momentum, saps energy and prevents invention. Positivity is the path to our happiness and success.
    Ours is not a 9 to 5 occupation. It is, at its very essence, a service business. Whether we’re supporting a teammate or a client, we are required to put others first whenever someone needs us, and to deliver our very best effort at all times. That said, we must remain committed to finding balance for our professional and personal lives. Without balance we cannot effectively achieve all of the values required for a healthy workplace and successful business.